Tom Leighton A.K.A. Photosbytomtom is a commericial photographer who specialises in fun, colourful, and children's fashion photography with images that help his clients sell their great apparel.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like for your little’uns to be the model in a kids fashion shoot? Well wonder no longer! 

Have you ever wanted to have some fun, exciting and vibrant shots of your children, to cherish forever?

Have you ever bought a gorgeous new dress for your little ones and wished it would always look like new?

Well, we have a great little idea for you!

We have created a choice of fashion photo shoots to suit any style, and with a wide choice of high-quality prints and wall art to choose from, you’ll be able to remember the experience forever. Whether it's little sleeping babies, gorgeous toddlers or boisterous boys and older children, I will make sure the fashion photoshoot is a day to remember for them.

Model for a day

The whole point of the shoot is to create a day your children will enjoy and remember for a long time after the camera has been put away. As with all my shoots, I like to be prepared so we can focus on the fun of the photo session. So before the shoot I will send you a “call sheet” (fancy photography speak for a running order, but with extra information included), with details of everything to expect on the day, what time you need to get to the studio, how to get here as well as information on what clothes to bring, and recommendations on bringing your child's favourite toy or accessory to make the shoot as personal to them as possible. If you are bringing some new dresses or designs that you want your children to wear, please let me know beforehand so that we can work out a look that will go with their great new fashion designs.