Observer's Books Yellow

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Observer's Books Yellow

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Some of my earliest memories in my home growing up are of books*. And more books. As well as the Penguin Books all around the house, there were these little guides to British Birds, Trees and Flags amongst others.

(*And Noel Coward records but that's another story).

It seemed only natural that I would end up collecting my own books. And my how we have collected them! Mrs PBTT and I do love a car boot sale and an old book shop to rummage in, all so you don't have to! 

There are 100 Observer's books in total, including the Observer's book of Observer's books (!), and some of them have become real collector's items. My interest is not about having the perfect copy, but to remind me of my childhood. Books in our house were never in perfect condition but loved, used and occasionally drawn on by small children. I have the entire set now up to 79. From 80 onwards there was no dust jacket, only a laminated printed hardback edition.

All the prints in the Observer's Books series are available as signed limited edition prints in an edition of 79. The prints measure 35cm x 25 cm, are printed on archival paper and available either framed or unframed.

You can also buy other Observer's Books print in Red, Blue, Green or Mixed, so whatever you favourite colour, or whatever your colour scheme at home, there's an Observer's Book Print that's right for you.

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