Sometimes I recognise, I am a very lucky photographer / Any excuse to do a selfie.

Shoots for Hucklebones are always fun and this Sunday's shoot was no exception.

Now. A bit of disclosure here. I don't normally do selfies or show the test shots when setting up a shoot as they aren't pretty and we don't have time to do anything fun. It's all about the lighting and look, and hey, we've got a shoot to do and time is of the essence.

However, sometimes you just get lucky. Yesterday I wasn't just lucky, I was downright jammy! I turned up at the studio. Turned on my camera, turned on the lights and fired off a test shot. And below is the result. Like I said, jammy!

So what to do with the other hour or so we had left before shooting started? Take a few selfies of course!

Actually, my favourite photo isn't actually a selfie but one shot by the lovely Lily-Summer who got to take a photo once she'd finished her modelling duties. I'm going to be out of a job soon!