New Camera, New Styles: Part 1

New camera, new styles: Part 1


I got my new Nikon D800 a few weeks ago, but as is always the case when you buy new equipment, I discovered that I also needed a new computer, new hard-drives and software updates to use it properly. My retirement plan to become a monk in the mountains will have to wait a little longer!

Yesterday was one of the first days I’ve had to really try out photos and I thought it was about time I tried something different. I don’t normally get to shoot in black and white so it was refreshing to have a go. I’m also more comfortable shooting with a 50mm lens so I thought I’d use my emergency 24-85mm lens wide out for a change. This ain’t the best lens in the world by any count- I’m known to be accident prone, so lucky for me this lens is indestructible!- but I wanted to see if Lightroom 5 can really do what it says it can when it comes to lens correction. Judge for yourselves, but I’m pretty impressed.