I think I may be shooting a wedding. In about 20 year's time.

I recently did a shoot for Toby Tiger down at Toby Tiger HQ in Worthing.

We had a fab day with some lovely kids, a great new assistant in Hannah Hughes, lovely weather and this...

..two of my newest models had only eyes for each other, and are apparently inseparable. And it's about the cutest thing I've ever photographed!

See what you think.

Hello Dot to Dot, and a warm welcome by Bubble 2014.

It was rather warm Sunday, and I had to nip back to London from Norwich (which is lovely by the way) to say hello to some clients yesterday at Bubble, and Dot to Dot.

and it's always lovely to see Poco Nido and their gorgeous shoes (still waiting for the adult sizes to get made). They were at Dot to Dot, which is relative newcomer to the kid's fashion trade show lark. It meant I got to see some great new brands, and hopefully I may be working with one or two of them sometime in the future.

My highlights were the beautiful prints of Spud Kids, reminiscent of 50's designs and patterns.

I also loved the bow ties in the  boxes by Anna Liv. The boxes reminded me of the pencil cases we had at school (I've still got mine), where I carved my name and what seemed like very funny ideas at the time.

I know that Mrs PhotosByTomTom is rather partial to some African prints, so she'll love the designs by What Mother Made.

I am so envious of the photos for Young Soles. You should really check them out.

Marmalade & Mash's designs are really elegant and stylish designs, with the best name I've seen for a kid's fashion brand this year!

Then off to a rather warm Bubble to say hello to lots more (overheating) people. I really wanted to see the fashion show, which was a lot of fun. I'm sure I spotted a Poppy dress in there somewhere!

You don't have to say cheese!

You don't have to say cheese do a good photo!

I had the first of the two workshops this morning as part of Camberwell Arts Open Studio.

We had a lovely time, and as you can see, just because your son isn't smiling, doesn't mean you can get a great shot!

What do you think?

How many people can you fit into our studio?

Turns out quite a lot. Though when shooting the mums and dads did have to decamp to the corridor.

I did a shoot today with the fab people from Skribbies.  We managed to fit the 6 models, and parents, and brothers and sisters (including a gorgeous 12 week old baby), and make up with two lovely assistants, and Jen from Skribbies...and me. 

You'll be able to see the final shots in House of Fraser in a few weeks but here's the sneak preview.